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7Benefits of SD-WAN:
Why It's Business-Critical

Software-defined wide area networks (AKA SD-WAN) are flexible, agile solutions that have quickly become business-critical tools for success. We've put together seven benefits of SD-WAN so you can understand why your organization needs it.


1. Lowers Cost

When you invest in SD-WAN, you’ll unlock a positive ROI. SD-WAN allows you to increase your organization’s bandwidth at a lower cost. Many organizations find they can get rid of expensive routing hardware.


2. Built-In Security

SD-WAN solutions like Meraki’s SD-WAN are backed by world-renowned security features. They are designed to protect your enterprise from the latest cyber threats through next-gen layer-7 firewalls, advanced malware protection, intrusive penetration, SSL decryption and more.


3. Full Network Visibility

SD-WAN enables IT admins to see every branch office and remote site from a single pane of glass view. You get full visibility into your network from anywhere, so you can make sure anything that needs updating gets done in time for business continuity.

“Meraki has definitely simplified our management of remote offices. The Meraki way of setting up SD-WAN and all management around is surely the best available in the whole market.”

- IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Construction Company

4. Builds a SASE Foundation

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) empowers organizations with wide-area networking and security. SD-WAN allows you to build an IT foundation for a SASE environment.


5. Great For Multi-Cloud Environments

SD-WAN is perfect for multi-cloud environments. With SD-WAN, you can give every branch office and remote site the speed it needs to work on applications hosted in a public cloud. You don’t need to worry about which regions are hosting which data anymore.

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6. Simple and Secure Deployments

SD-WAN solutions like Cisco Meraki's can securely auto-provision IPsec VPN tunnels between different sites. It stays secure with VPN routing, encryption protocols and key exchanges.


7. Increased Connection Types

SD-WAN solutions let organizations create a single network infrastructure that includes multiple connections (like broadband, cellular and MPLS.) You can choose which connection is best for your needs, meaning you can take advantage of public connections for less sensitive data and leave expensive MPLS for secure transfers.

PCS Has Your Back

If you’re not sure how to use SD-WAN to unlock these benefits, we can help. PCS has more than 30 years of experience empowering organizations with the tools they need to meet business goals. Get started by booking a discovery call with us today.