3 New Tools That Changed the LAN/WLAN Landscape

Technology is always changing. At PCS, we keep an eye on the game-changers to ensure our clients get the best possible devices on the market. That’s why we composed a list of the top three tools that have changed the LAN/WLAN landscape.

Next-Generation WiFi


Next-Gen WiFi like Cisco Meraki’s WiFi 6 has improved the user experience and enhanced capacity in indoor and outdoor environments.


- Smart Access Points

With machine learning, Meraki’s smart access points empower organizations with deep-dive insights that help them identify network issues before it impacts the bottom line.

- High-Density

If you need to service both indoor and outdoor environments or you operate a high-density network (like an office) Next-Gen WiFi could be the answer to your frustrations. It can provide higher performance and increased efficiency for your unique environment.

- Smart Analytics

Cisco Meraki Location Analytics empowers organizations with real-time location statistics. It’s built-in to all Meraki access points, meaning you unlock this feature without added costs. You can view visitor traffic, trends, dwell-time and visitor loyalty in an automatically generated dashboard.

- Upgraded Visibility

By managing your network in the cloud, you unlock complete visibility into users, devices and applications. With this information, you can quickly optimize your security posture and the end-user experience.

Cloud Managed WiFi


Cloud managed WiFi tools like Cisco Meraki’s wireless LAN are changing the way industries use WiFi. Composed of high-grade components and expertly optimized, wireless LAN creates faster connections, increased user capacity and lessens the need for IT help desk intervention.


- Single Pane of Glass

By managing your WiFi in the cloud, you are able to gain a single-pane-of-glass view that can empower you with detailed analytics and multi-site management.

- Auto-Provisioning

Automatic provisioning shortens configuration time to mere minutes. With this feature, IT teams no longer need to manually stage APs or manually configure devices.

- Always Up to Date

Because upgrades come through via the web, network devices can automatically update. Visibility, analytics, security and troubleshooting tools stay cutting-edge without IT manually updating them.

Cloud Managed WAN


Cisco Meraki’s MG cellular gateways empower organizations with the ability to deliver effortless, reliable connectivity wherever work happens. Cloud managed WAN can be used as a primary or failover network connection.


- Simple Deployments

Meraki gateways make cellular deployments simple with:

  • Live and historical stats (like signal quality, latency and more)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Models that are IP67 rated for outdoor use

- Integrates Effortlessly

Meraki’s gateways are designed to integrate into your existing infrastructure. They can be easily paired with IoT devices, SD-WAN and routers.

- Resilient

The cloud interface allows teams to easily manage cellular performance and dependencies. The single-pane-of-glass view gives teams real-time visibility to radio, network and data sessions to help decrease downtime.

Access LAN/WAN Tool Experts

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