Cisco Secure Firewall

Protect your company's data, secure all connected devices and defend against threats.

Cisco Secure Firewall is a next-generation, layer 7 network security solution that protects your organization from external and internal threats while enhancing visibility and control over your network security.

Start protecting your data, devices, and passwords today. Download your free guide, "The Total Economic Impact Of Cisco Secure Firewall."


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Benefits of Cisco Secure Firewall 

Forrester Consulting, an independent and objective research-based consulting group, provides insights on the benefits and best practices of Cisco Secure Firewall in their eBook, "The Total Economic Impact of Cisco Secure Firewall."

Some of the benefits include:

  • 95% work savings for network professionals.
  • 83% work savings for security professionals.
  • 25% reduction in firewall deployments.
  • Improvement in security posture.
  • Increased productivity of end-users by minimizing network and VPN disruption.