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Everyone knows collaboration tools make the world go ‘round. But a lot of companies struggle with collaboration tool overload. Too many different solutions with similar capabilities drain budgets. That’s why we put together this comparison chart - so you can easily identify which solution is best for your needs.

  Webex Zoom Microsoft Teams
Chat or Instant Messaging
Screen Sharing
Meeting Recordings
Assign Roles
Security Reliable encryption and compliance support. Large attack surface - often used in phishing scams. Data residency and malware risks.
Personal AI Assistant
Room Devices Webex Boards, Room Series, Smart Cameras and Desk Pro
Breakout Rooms
Transcripts Generates for recorded meetings automatically. Can be manually generated.
Attendee Cap 1000 (or 3,000 for events) 300 300
Stream to Social
Best For Ideal for day-to-day collaboration and remote or hybrid meetings. Best for webinars, presentations and events. Interactive classes and personal meetings. Small teams and asynchronous communication.

Let's Collab on This

If you need help finding a collaboration solution that works for your organization, we can help. At PCS, we are experts in Webex and we can help you understand how to use it to increase efficiency and decrease costs. We believe Webex is the best and most secure collaboration solution on the market. That’s why we use it ourselves.

Learn more about our collaboration solutions. Book a discovery call with us today.