Elevate Your Executive Conference Rooms with Webex Room Panorama

Executive conference rooms are essential spaces for decision-makers to gather and discuss strategies, whether in-person or remotely. To enhance effective collaboration and communication, organizations must invest in digital technology that supports the hybrid work model.

Cisco Webex offers a comprehensive suite of conferencing solutions tailored to various settings and room sizes. For large executive conference rooms, the Webex Room Panorama is the ideal device to complement your Webex platform and enhance the executive conference room experience.

Features and Benefits Of Webex Room Panorama

The Webex Room Panorama revolutionizes how teams collaborate and communicate in executive conference rooms. Its features and benefits are designed to boost productivity and improve communication:

  • Large, High-Resolution Display: The Webex Room Panorama delivers an immersive visual experience, ideal for multiple team members to view and interact with content simultaneously.

  • Touchscreen Controls: Its intuitive touchscreen provides a natural, intuitive user experience, eliminating the need for separate input devices.

  • Video Conferencing Capabilities: The built-in cameras and microphones make video conferencing and remote collaboration sessions seamless, even with team members worldwide.

  • Seamless Integration with Webex: The Panorama Board works seamlessly with Cisco's video conferencing and collaboration platform, enhancing collaboration and communication among team members.

  • Whiteboard and Annotation Tools: The built-in whiteboard and annotation tools allow team members to collaborate on projects in real-time, regardless of their location.

  • Multiple Inputs: Supporting a variety of inputs, the Panorama Board ensures easy connections to laptops, tablets, and other devices.

  • Panoramic meeting: Bridge two different meeting rooms into one seamless video conference with a life-like, panoramic overview of all participants and immersive audio—no matter the distance

  • Multi-point meeting: Connect with multiple remote meeting rooms and endpoints while leveraging smart, inclusive layout options and crystal-clear sound to give everyone an equal spot at the table.

  • Content screen experience: Get a focused view of any shared content and a rich presentation experience thanks to a dedicated content screen, so you never miss any idea.

  • Video meetings: Benefit from having all remote meeting participants equally framed and spread across two video screens, when using Webex or third-party platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google, and Zoom. 

The Webex Room Panorama is a versatile, immersive system that provides your organization with an executive conference room that offers a premium experience for both in-person and remote teams. Its rich cognitive capabilities can transform physical executive meeting rooms into virtual spaces for smooth collaboration, ideation, and decision-making. Unlike other high-end room systems, the Webex Room Panorama is more accessible, takes telepresence technology to the next level, and brings all meeting scenarios into a single device without the need to switch rooms. Its smaller footprint, adaptable design, and video and audio that reflect an in-person meeting make the hybrid communication experience truly transformative.

Let PCS Customize Your Executive Conference Room

PCS has a team of collaboration experts. We help transform your executive meeting room experience with rich cognitive capabilities to turn the physical executive meeting room into a virtual space for smooth collaboration, ideation, and decision-making. At PCS, we focus on tackling our client's complex problems and creating effective solutions. Our team of experts can help you design and implement an ideal hybrid work environment.

Investing in the Webex Room Panorama and partnering with PCS can elevate your executive conference room experience, driving productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.


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