Meet the Team: Travis Coke, Network Analyst

“As a Network Analyst at Precision Computer Services (PCS for short), my day-to-day activities reside in our network operations center, where we manage services for our existing clients,” explains Travis Coke. 

“When I was first coming into PCS from college, I was in my last semester, but they helped me balance availability to work on my homework and other assignments with making sure that I was still gaining the knowledge and experience I needed to pursue a career path in this industry.”

Help From The Team

He recalls being overwhelmed because he hadn’t pursued mathematics and physics in college, making IT a whole new ballgame. “The engineers here at PCS were able to help bring me on and bring me up to speed quickly. I was able to learn in a relatively short amount of time. You know, terminology like switches and routers as well as certain commands to get those devices up and running.” 

In addition, the engineers at PCS introduced Coke to the team structure and processes since different engineers and resources are pulled in depending on which technology is being implemented or worked on—e.g. Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto.

Different Areas of Expertise

“We all have different areas of expertise not only to give our clients different options to choose from, but also to provide our engineers with different directions to grow in and gain experience and knowledge. I came to PCS not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, but they helped guide me toward different areas, so I finally found where I wanted to be and moved in that direction.”

“We do the same for their customers. If customers aren't as knowledgeable or want a certain design implemented, we guide them in the right direction so that they can have an environment with which they're comfortable and satisfied. It’s this level of service at the employee and customer level that makes us stand out from other vendors,” concludes Coke.

Stay tuned for other employee spotlights. We’ll highlight employees periodically throughout the year until you’ve had a chance to meet the whole team. Have a question or want to start a project? Contact us here.


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